Approximately one in seven couples is childless. At the same time, many women feel a race against time, as their biological clock ticks louder and louder.

Under normal circumstances, 8 out of 10 women get pregnant within a year of having unprotected intercourse. Any couple who is not able to conceive within a period of 1-2 years is considered childless.

Many factors determine why couples are not able to have children. Unfortunately, poor sperm quality appears to be a growing problem but luckily there are ways of dealing with it.

B-Daddy contains Q10 and SelenoPrecise, a patented ingredient that stimulates the production of normal, healthy sperm cells and which protects the genetic coding of the cells.

As the small sperm cells must travel a comparatively long distance, huge amounts of energy are needed in order to fuel them on their journey. The actual conception is a result of a single sperm cell penetrating the membrane of the egg cell. In this magic moment, genes are united to form new life.

B-Daddy is a useful remedy that helps the man to undertake his part of the task, thereby increasing the woman's chance of becoming pregnant.

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