Q10 is a vital co-enzyme with an inherent role in the cellular energy metabolism. We make most of our Q10 in the body, but as we age the endogenous production drops.

Q10 has a function similar to that of spark plugs in the mitochondria of the cells. Inside the mitochondria energy is produced by the burning (oxidizing) nutrients.

Sperm cells need more energy when they scurry along, headed towards the egg cell. Q10 helps to produce the energy needed for this process. Lack of Q10 will therefore make the sperm cells sluggish.

As described above, both quality and quantity are determining factors for how easily a sperm cell is able to reach the egg cell and fertilize it.

Many people feel that they get increased energy by taking supplements of Q10. This is bound to affect both parties positively while they are sharing their moment of intimacy.

B-Daddy contains a patented Q10 formula that is able to document excellent bio-availability of the active compound. The formula features a unique oil blend and a special heating technique that allows Q10 to dissolve completely at body temperature. The Q10 raw material is identical with the kind of Q10 that is made by the body and is therefore completely the same as the natural source.











Inside the mitochondria, energy is produced from nutrients in the food we eat. A Q10 deficiency may be one of the reasons why cells fails to produce energy. This, in turn, weakens the body's ability to protect itself against illness and the onset of old age.