Selenium is a vital mineral that we get from our food. It is part of our cellular structure and helps to protect against free radical damage to the genetic coding of our cells (DNA), to proteins, and to lipids.

All cells contain selenium. The highest concentrations are found in sexual glands and semen. Sperm cells are particularly dependent of selenium, as this nutrient is required for proper functioning of proteins in the tail that enables the sperm cell to swim forward. For that reason sexually active men need more selenium, as each ejaculation consumes a large quantity of selenium.

Having sufficient selenium in the body is a good way of ensuring a normal, healthy sperm production. At the same time, it supports the body's immune function where selenium also plays a vital role.

B-Daddy contains a special patented formula (manufactured in Denmark) with organically bound selenium. This formula, SelenoPrecise, is able to document a very high level of bio-availability (nearly 90%).


SelenoPrecise absorption chart
SelenoPrecise is the only selenium
supplement with a consistently high
content of active selenium of 88.7%

















Selenium intake map